Should I Move In With Him ?


My boyfriends of two years just got a new place about 20 minutes from where I stay and we’ve played around with the idea of moving in together before. Yesterday he finally gave me a key, asking me to move in with him. Is this a good idea ?

Answer: Many people move in together, so this is nothing new. Whether it is a good idea or not really depends on the two people involved. Some claim moving in together is good, because it gives them a chance to really get to know their partner, making it easier for them to decide if they want to really spend the rest of their lives together or not.

This can give you the opportunity to enjoy the experience of sharing your lives together without finalizing anything (such as marriage), so you can change your mind later if things do not work out, without going through all the legal stresses.

However, there are also some who claim that moving in together was a mistake because it sucked out all the excitement and mystery in their relationship and did not motivate either of them to get married or take any steps further into their relationship. You two are also sharing expenses and everything else like a married couple (only without the legal papers), but have no real responsibility for each other, so if things end up not working out, nobody owes each other anything really- and this is fine, as long you understand it and are okay with it.

So moving in together can be good and bring you two closer, but it can also be the opposite. In the end, you and your partner have to decide if you feel it is worth taking that chance and if you feel you both are ready to take this next big step in your relationship.

Should She. What’s your take ?