Did Julianne Hough Cheat On Ryan Seacrest ?

Julianne Hough With Ryan Seacrest

Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest’s break-up may not be as amiable as it seems – rumor has it that the pair broke up because she cheated on him. elebrity Dirty Laundry reports that according to Star magazine, Julianne Hough, 24, “is still kind of hung up on her first love and former fiance,” childhood sweetheart Zach Wilson.

The magazine reports that Hough and Wilson met up several times around Thanksgiving while Hough was home. Ryan Seacrest, 38, found out about it and wasn’t happy.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry writes: “Zach was probably a comfort zone for Jules while in a relationship with Ryan that just wasn’t progressing. Apparently Jules thought that Ryan would forgive her missteps and understand that she needed more attention than he was giving her. Instead Ryan decided that he couldn’t trust her and ended things for good.”

Star magazine reports that Hough has “pleaded with” Ryan Seacrest to mend their relationship, but Ryan isn’t sympathetic.

The couple, who broke up in March 2013 after three years of dating, were recently spotted together in an “emotional reunion” involving kisses and tears in Los Angeles.

“Julianne went to Ryan and kissed him,” a source said. “They went to a quiet area to talk.”

“They had an emotional chat…it looked like Julianne was wiping tears,” the source added. “Ryan then walked her back to her table and kindly said goodbye.”

Previously, rumors were flying that Seacrest bought Hough a $3 million house to keep her quiet about his kinky habits in the bedroom.

Seacrest has “some unusual appetites in the sack – so to avoid airing his dirty laundry, he coughs up the cash to keep his exes happy…and quiet,” Star wrote.