Attracted To My Best Friend’s Man


Hello, I am a 30 year old woman; you could say I’m living the perfect dream life, great job, nice car and my dream home. I have worked hard for what I have but I am still single. I have an amazing best friend of 8 years, she’s like my sister now, we’ve been through life’s waves together and I adore her.

She fell in love about a year ago with what I would call ‘a perfect man’, they look so good together but they have nothing in common or at least that’s what I think because I’m in love with him, yes I am attracted to my best friend’s man, him and I have so much in common, we like the same things, we can talk for hours on end about everything. I feel so bad about this I care about my best friend but I really like this guy, a lot.

Now I’m stuck in this situation where I find myself resenting my best friend for finding a guy that’s so amazing. I need help, do I forget about this guy and just move on or do I risk my amazing friendship for an equally amazing man, I feel like a complete monster. Please Help.

Our Help:

Wow, what a situation, but no worries we are gonna try find a way to fix it for you, before anything I would like to let u know that you are not a monster, not at all, you are a human with feelings and emotions, and most of us have trouble controlling these. You sound like an amazing woman, and honestly you deserve an amazing man but not one that wasn’t yours to begin with, you have a friendship that most women long for, I wouldn’t risk it for anything in the world if I were you not even for what seems like an amazing guy, the only feelings you should have towards this man are that of hope, yes hope that there are still some good men out there (hey, I’m still waiting for one).

You are not in love with this man, as strong as the feelings you feel toward him are, honey you just in love with the idea of having an amazing man of your own. Fact is he’s not yours and there’s no need to work to make him yours, that’s not how a true lady rolls (the very few that are left though), keep your head up high and wait for your happy ending, it will come, and that friendship you got, treasure it with your life, we have enough ‘home wreckers’ out there, the world doesn’t need one more. Good luck sweetie, stay smart.