Top Ten Jams To Make Love To!


We’ve all wanted the fairy tale bedroom scene, whether it’s our own little fantasy or something we saw in a movie that we would like to mimic out with that special someone during, that gum dropping, heart pounding, body sweating act of love, yes love making.

In this fantasy there’s the one universal language all mankind speak, yes music, so here’s my top ten list of music to make beautiful love to.

10. Red Light Special by TLC

09. Sex in the kitchen by R Kelly

08. Neighbours know my name by Trey Songz (or should I say “Mr Steal Your GF”)

07. He is by Brandy

06. Lazy Love by Neyo

05. Body Party by Ciara

04. Nobody by Keith Sweat

03. Can’t get enough by Tamia

02. Take you down- Chris Brown

01. Love Scene- Joe

So there you have it people, my top ten list of love jams to get your blood heated up and set the mood right, how about you add into the list by commenting with your love jams.