Die Antwoord Unleashes Their Latest Controversial Music Video

Zef rap duo Die Antwoord

Zef rap duo Die Antwoord has unleashed their latest controversial video for their first single, ‘Cookie Thumper’ (with a title like Cookie Thumper, we’re not surprised), from their upcoming album ‘Donker Mag’.

‘Cookie Thumper’ is a narrative video, directed by Ninja and featuring Yolando Vi$$er playing a schoolgirl who lives in an orphanage, who has a crush on Anies, a gangster recently released from prison.

After Vi$$er’s character bumps into Anies, she asks him for drugs before the music video kicks into high gear, showcasing the star, scantily clad, with some of the other girls in the orphanage. The video sees the rapper smoking marijuana, parading in naughty, but tiny shorts and in a yellow crocheted bikini top and urinating on the orphanage’s stairs.

Yo-landi and Anies meet in an intense and controversial love scene.┬áDie Antwoord are reportedly in line to play the lead roles in Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming sci-fi comedy ‘Chappie’.

Die Burger reported that according to Ninja, they will be playing themselves in Blomkamp’s new movie, which is set to be filmed from September to December this year in Johannesburg with a budget of $50 million (R500 million).

Talk of the film first hit in 2011 when Yo-landi dropped a hint in Die Antwoord’s song ‘Baby’s on Fire’ that “Neill Blomkamp’s making me a movie star”.

The zef rapper’s new album, ‘Donker Mag’ will drop in February 2014.

They’ve also announced that they will be promoting the album with a tour called ‘Blonde All Over’, which will take place in June and July 2013 with performances in France, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, England, Belgium and Russia.