Leon Schuster Looking For South Africa’s Best Prankster


The search is officially on to find South Africa’s best prankster. Schuster is looking for the best, stomach-achingly funny pranks that his fans can produce. As of this week, fans can submit their pranks by logging on to the official Facebook page, until Tuesday, 26 November.

Through a series of public votes over December, together with Schuster’s input, the winner will be selected in January 2014. In addition to being crowned the King (or Queen) of all Pranksters, the winner will also have their prank included in the Special Features of the Schuks! Your Country Needs You DVD and Blu-ray, to be released in the first half of 2014 – forever memorialising their contribution to making the nation laugh.

Says Schuster, “I can’t wait to see what fun my fans will have for us and I am certainly looking forward to having a great laugh with all of South Africa.” On whether he has any advice for the would-be-pranksters, he adds, “keep it safe, keep it clean, don’t get hurt and remember – laughter is the best medicine”.