Samsung Launches New Curved Ultra High-Definition TVS

Samsung Curved Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV

Samsung Electronics South Africa, the market leader in TV technology for the last eight years, announced that the world’s first revolutionary Curved UHD TV is now available in retail stores nationwide.

“Following last year’s introduction of the Samsung UHD TV, Samsung is continuing to drive industry growth through tremendous innovation in UHD picture quality, breakthrough design and consumer choice. The combination of our curved design and UHD picture quality creates the ultimate immersive experience for people who are passionate about entertainment. Samsung is well-positioned to meet UHD demand with our new beautifully designed, feature-packed and future-ready Smart TVs,” says Ansgar Pabst, Business Lead for TV/AV, Samsung Electronics SA.

Better and Broader Samsung UHD TV Line-up and Ecosystem for Ultimate Picture Today and Tomorrow

Samsung’s UHD TVs provide crisp picture quality because they have four times the resolution and pixels of Full HD. Additionally, all UHD TVs feature UHD Upscaling, which gives users great picture quality regardless of source material.

The proprietary technology converts Full HD, HD and lower resolution sources to nearly-UHD picture quality. UHD Dimming technology also helps to further optimise picture quality by processing each block of a picture and delivering deeper blacks and improved contrast.

As the category leader, Samsung is making significant investments and establishing critical partnerships to invigorate the market and expedite the delivery of a UHD ecosystem to consumers.

Samsung also offers the UHD Videopack, a 360-degree UHD content solution. This one terabyte hard disc includes UHD quality Fox and Paramount Pictures films and other UHD content. Consumers can now also download additional UHD content that becomes available.

At the same time, Samsung supports all of the latest UHD TV standards in an effort to build a holistic UHD ecosystem with premier content partners. Samsung UHD TVs are also the only TVs on the market that are future-ready due to the Samsung UHD Evolution Kit. In fact, Samsung UHD TVs are the only devices in the industry to be PrimePass certified, which means users can be confident about enjoying the new detail and picture quality of this next-generation TV technology.