HC Debuts New Single, Rooftops, featuring Lakota Silva


Hip-Hop/Pop writer and live performer, HC, has released his first single, Rooftops, off upcoming debut album to a great reception. The debut single comes after years of success as part of the SAMA award winning Pop group Jax Panik.

Rooftops tells the story of a relationship HC had that he knew would always come to an end. In the song both parties know that their relationship is over, and instead of being honest with each other, they hold on because they cannot tell each other how they really feel. Out of frustration the two of them “scream it to the Rooftops”, because it’s too hard to speak the truth: that, as sad as it would be to end their relationship – they would be “better off lonely”.

Listen to Rooftops here: https://soundcloud.com/hcmusicafrica/rooftops-ft-lakota-silva

“I was about to get married, and it made me think of the difficult relationships of my life and how easy my life is because of my wife. To me, the song is about how, sometimes, saying the hardest thing, even if it hurts the person you love, is the best for both of you. In that relationship I was stuck, and if I hadn’t ended it, I wouldn’t have met my wife” expresses HC.

Rootops is available for purchase on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/rooftops-itunes