Stripper Claims Drake’s Team Threatened Her After Fling


A stripper named Jhonni Blaze has filed a police report, allegedly against Drake, claiming that his team threatened her life after she reported that she had sex with him. Police have confirmed to TMZ that they’ve launched an investigation into the situation but they haven’t confirmed that the male celebrity involved is actually Drake.

Texas stripper Jhonni Blaze has spoken out to a media outlet, claiming that she had a one-night stand with Drake, 27, and that afterwards he allegedly “threatened her life” because he was afraid that she would go public with their fling. Now she’s filed a police report in Houston, according to TMZ.

Drake’s Stripper Threatened? — Jhonni Blaze Claims He Threatened Her Life


Jhonni Blaze

The Houston Police Department is now conducting an official investigation into Jhonni’s allegations, according to TMZ. However, the official document does not name Drake specifically, but rather a “possible celebrity.”

Jhonni claims in her police report that Drake grew worried that she would talk about their alleged sexual encounter in public, so he “angrily” texted her. She also claims that “several people” from Drake’s crew allegedly “came to her house, banged on her door and threatened her life,” according to TMZ.

While Jhonni did go to the cops about this alleged incident, she’s has not yet decided whether she wants to press charges.