Samsung F6200 Smart TV Review


Samsung has always had the edge when it comes to designing homeware. The Samsung 40” F6200 Smart Full HD LED TV has the aesthetics that make it look great whether it’s on or off. It’s designer look makes it stand out, it’s slim with an attractive silver finish, and it’s smart, we love smart TVs.

As an avid gamer with a lot of devices connected to my TV, I was glad that the Samsung F6200 Smart LED TV came with 4 HDMI Ports, and 3 USB Slots. What I also enjoyed is the true plug & play when you insert a memory stick on the TV. I was glad that it could play various file extensions with ease, straight from the memory stick, including ( .mkv ) file extension. At 1920 x 1080 resolution, it serves full HD, images stand out and the picture quality has been drastically improved.


Equipped with a dual-core processor, you can use Smart TV applications without lags or jitter. With this dual-core processor, multitasking is a breeze, because it processes signals twice as fast improving on the efficiency of the television.

As we move to the era of the connected home, the Samsung Smart TV has you covered with built-in Wi-Fi. You can immediately use all the internet features that this LED TV offers you. This opens up a new world of possibilities from games, movies, music and more!


From the comfort of your couch, through the TV, you can surf the internet and change your status on Facebook, view tweets, listen to your your favorite music via YouTube, and watch Youtube videos.


Samsung also did something very clever here, this TV features Samsung Smart View. Through the Android Market or iTunes Store you can download the SmartView app. This then gives you the freedom to operate your Samsung TV via your tablet or smartphone. It is also possible to watch TV on your tablet or smartphone. To enjoy the features of the SmartView app, both your tablet, smartphone and television must be connected to the same WiFi network.

The Samsung F6200 LED Smart TV comes at a recommended retail price of R6 999. I certainly enjoyed it, and for an entry level Smart TV, it does pack up a lot of useful and smart features.