iPhone 7 Launch Planned For September 7 ?


At the launch event next month, Apple is expected to unveil an upgraded iPhone that will look similar to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, could have several big differences, including a pressure-sensitive home button, better camera, power and battery life, as well as having no headphone jack.

Reports have claimed that the upcoming iPhone could either be called the “iPhone 7” or “iPhone 6se”. As the latest handset is expected to feature smaller, iterative changes rather than a radical redesign analysts have speculated that Apple could save the name iPhone 7 for next year’s 10 year anniversary release, and instead call this one the iPhone 6se.

The most significant changes anticipated for the new phone include an upgraded camera, the introduction of a pressure-sensitive home button and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The bigger “Plus” model is expected to have an even-more powerful “dual lens” camera, and possibly a smart connector that allows accessories such as keyboards to be attached to it.

Rumours have consistently indicated that Apple will rid the iPhone of the headphone jack, instead shipping the phone with a pair of Lightning EarPods or possible wireless headphones, featuring Bluetooth or some other wireless standard.