The true story behind the ‘serious child’ meme.

The identity of the 'serious child' meme is revealed and the story behind it.

Jake Amo

South Africans have been making so much memes on this particular picture. Social networks have been blazing with funny memes of the ‘serious child.’ But have you ever wondered where the picture comes from and who the young boy is?

This particular picture is of a boy who is intensely concentrated on what he seemed to be writing.

The boy on the picture is Jake Amo, from Ghana. The picture was taken in August 2015 and by that time the young boy was 4 years old.

Its a picture taken by Carlos Cortes, who was documenting Ghananian born US-based artist Solomon Adufah’s work teaching fine arts in an outreach programme.

“Jake was one of the children I taught in Ghana. He was always gentle and quiet. Ever present in class and was eager to learn every day‚” said fine arts teacher, Adufah.