Somizi is balling

Idols judge, Somizi has serious money!

Our Idols judge, Somizi

About a week ago the Idols judge, Somizi bought his new BMW i8 that is worth 1.7 million. On Thursday he posted a picture on Instagram introducing to us the new baby he bought which is a Mercedes Benz G350d worth R1.5 million.

Two cars worth 3.5 million bought in two weeks basically.

“It’s never too late. God is punctual,” he says when posting his brand new baby.

Somizi celebrated with his family by having them as his first passengers.

Some are hating and wondering where he could be getting so much money. But come on, lets face it looking at all the events he does as MC/Host. Plus his a dance choreographer, Idols judge and lastly nothing but a pure natural entertainer that attracts entertainment business where ever he goes!

Image: Somizi Instagram