Living a rock star life was never part of Black Coffee’s bucket list!

''I've always dreamt of being a DJ and a family man. But living like a rockstar was not one of them''

Black Coffee
DJ Black Coffee

In the Red Bull’s Red Bulletin magazine recently, Black Coffee shares what his dream life goals were when he was young. But being a rock star? Never did he wish to live like one.

He does agree that he lives like a rock star every weekend but it was never the goal. He had always dreamed of being a family man with his wife and kids. Living the life, traveling and having big cars.

“As a kid‚ I used to take a piece of paper and literally draw my dream house‚ my dream car and my future family‚ despite having a dream of being a DJ – because at the time‚ DJs were not known as family people. But I wanted to have a family and be a DJ. Not have a rock star life‚” Black Coffee told Red Bull’s Red Bulletin magazine recently.

Black Coffee grew up in difficult conditions but that didn’t make him limit himself from his dreams. Today he visits schools to share his story with the kids to motivate them to follow they dreams and it’s all possible.

“I’ve been going to high schools lately‚ speaking to kids about self love‚ sharing my story. (I say) ‘Imagine yourself in a couple of years’ time. Fully. Say to yourself: ‘I’m gonna wear these clothes. I’m gonna drive this kind of car.’ These are things you must speak into life now‚ when you’re in high school‚ and it will help you get there‚” he added.