Bonang Matheba, the diva of all diva’s!

Professional and always 'on fleek' could be more than that.

''Queen B''

Those who have worked with Bonang Matheba can all proudly say that she is not the easiest person to work a long with.

A mole that once worked with “Your-girl-B” says she is professional but also very difficult. “She has hired and fired make-up artists left, right and center because she is a diva,” said the unnamed source.

The Daily Sun recently reported about the shaky relationship that Bonang and Bonnie have. But the question you probably asking yourself is how do they actually get along as we see them on The Afternoon Express Show.

“They just sit in their own corners and mind their own business,” said the source.

The report said Bonang and Bonnie refuse to share a make-up artist and that “Queen B” prefers her own glamour team.