DOOM used on church members to get rid of demons!

Prophet puts many lives in danger by using Doom.

Prophet spraying Doom to get rid of demons

Pastor Lethebo Rabalago, Mount Zion General Assembly church leader. Sprays his congregants with the Doom insecticide to exorcise demons.

Pictures were posted on Facebook on the church’s account. The pastor is seen spraying doom on one of his congregants, who squirms as the poisonous substance drenches her face. Another is seen being sprayed on the feet with her smart red shoes off, while a third congregant is seeing sprayed directly in the eyes.


Meanwhile Mkhwanazi-Xaluva says the problem is poverty. That is what making the congregants approve of being sprayed with Doom.

“That’s why these pastors thrive in poverty-stricken areas, because people are desperate and if someone says God will give you a job if you let me spray you with Doom, then you’ll allow them to do it.