Who will be the next SA Idol?

There can only be one winner, who will it be is the real question?

Noma Khumalo and Thami Shobede

Noma Khumalo and Thami Shobede who are the two finalists for Idols are under whole lot of pressure most specially this week. Who will be he next Idol?

Thami Shobede made a hit debut on his single ‘Standwa’ on iTunes making everyone quite aware of him. Noma Khumalo, with her being a finalist has shown us how loyal her fan base is and supporting her all the way. But there can only be one winner and it can be any of the two.

The two finalists have a full week ahead of them. From meet, greets, interviews and several media houses in Cape Town and Durban. At least they do get time to have breakfast with they families but after that its back to they busy planed schedule.

“I’m excited about seeing my folks. I haven’t seen them in a while. They do come to the shows and hang around when it ends and I see them for just 10 minutes and they go,” says Noma.

“It would mean so much for me to see my grandmother. She is the heart of the family. I believe that I got this far in my life because my grandfather spoke blessings on me, he always wished me well and in his absence since he passed away, my grandmother took that place,” says Thami

The grand finale will be this coming Sunday, Carnival City in Brakpan.