A bump of joy for singer, Bucie!

Bucie Nqwiliso is on baby number two already!

Bucie Nqwiliso, on SA Idols

Singer, Bucie Nqwiliso surprised everyone with her baby bump on her Idols performance last Sunday. This is her second child with he beloved husband. Who in which did notice Bucie is pregnant before she even knew it!

Having her first child at a young age, shes much more ready, grown and way more excited.

“This is our second child. Me and my husband were extremely excited when we found out but my husband says he knew I was pregnant before I knew it,” she said.

“We still don’t know yet whether it’s a boy or girl. For now I’m just enjoying every second of my pregnancy. Even though I lost appetite in the early days but now I’m eating like crazy,” she shared.

She will be taking time off on her music to take care and give her undivided attention to her bundle of joy that they expecting soon.

Bucie fails to say much about her husband and the ring on her finger. But she did get married in August and not in the media industry at all. All that matters is that this man is keeping our beautiful singer happy!