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US Actor Omari Hardwick In SA

For the next three days SA will be blessed with the actor from the hit TV series Power, Omari Hardwick to film the new Castle...

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Stripper Claims Drake’s Team Threatened Her After Fling

A stripper named Jhonni Blaze has filed a police report, allegedly against Drake, claiming that his team threatened her life after she reported that...

Big Sean Calls Off Engagement With Naya Rivera

It may be a cruel summer for this couple. After a year of being a totally in-gushy-love couple and writing songs about each...

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Samsung F6200 Smart TV Review

Samsung has always had the edge when it comes to designing homeware. The Samsung 40” F6200 Smart Full HD LED TV has the aesthetics...

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Expensive Chris Brown Tickets

Multi-platinum singer and song-writer Chris Brown will be landing on South African shores in April 2015. With chart topping hits like Kiss Kiss,...

The Lumineers Blow Fans Away


No More Drama. How To Move On.

Many people are caught in relationships full of drama and heartache. Even if the relationship has ended, you may find yourself still dealing with...

Friends With Benefits ? Do You Really Benefit ?

We've all been there, at one point in your life someone asked you to be his/her friend but with certain ‘benefits’. You know what...

Top Ten Jams To Make Love To!

We've all wanted the fairy tale bedroom scene, whether it’s our own little fantasy or something we saw in a movie that we would...

Read This & You’ll Know If He’s Into You

There are times when you can feel the care, the passion and the promise that this is going to last. But then there are...

Attracted To My Best Friend’s Man

Hello, I am a 30 year old woman; you could say I’m living the perfect dream life, great job, nice car and my dream...

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Bongi Mvuyana’s Debut Album, Dopamine, Releases Digitally On 14 August 2014

South African alternative soul singer and songwriter, Bongi Mvuyana, is set to release her debut album, Dopamine, digitally this Thursday, 14 August 2014. Bongi Mvuyana’s...


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